Friday, December 4, 2009

Tanked again. Part dos.(that's spanish for part two)

I always liked this picture, and who doesn't like to get tanked?
Well, what to do for an oil tank? I wanted something simple. Round, with domed edges. I could have bought one, but I'm a cheap f*ck and like to spend my money buying more bikes, not parts I can make. I ended up using two oil filters from an industrial engine. Gut 'em, weld them up and chuck up some bungs in the lathe. Eventually that f''n machine will pay for itself.  I had to weld her up with some brass rod, 'cause the insides were galvanized. I glass beaded the shit out of them before I welded, but you can't run a steel rod on galvanized without it pitting, poppin', and looking all boogered up. Here's some pics.

And on the bike. It's rubber mounted, not rigid. Everyone's got there own opinions, but this set up has always worked for me.