Friday, December 4, 2009

The plan.

Really, I didn't have one. My original plans were to build a bobber. They are really not my style and I needed to do something about the bolt on hardtail (they really make the seat area look jacked up), so it evolved into a digger. Diggers are the shit, and what got me into street bikes in the first place. If I never would of saw one of these God forsaken machines, I would still be into dirt bikes! Give me a bike that has really no practicality except bar hoppin' and I'm in LOVE!
This is the hard tail that started off this whole mess. I could have just fabbed up a new rear section and I would have been done with it, but I loves me a project! Oh and I always wanted to build a frame jig 'cause I have nothing better to do, haha!

Here is a quick computer doodle of the original "plan".