Friday, December 4, 2009

Fill 'er with Miller.

Sure I should of said filler up, but I like to say fill'er with Miller. I don't like Miller beer, but I used to work with Slammin' Sammy Miller's kid and that's what I'd say when we had a beer after work. I live to bust balls, and you should always have fun at work. If you don't, you should quit. Work is over rated. Anyway 'Ol Sammy holds the record for the fastest run in drag racing in the f'n world with a rocket car. 3.58e.t, 386 mph in the 1/4! That was set at Santa Pod in England, but he holds records all over the U.S.
 RIP brother.

Anyway, I needed a filler, so I figured a nice flush pop up cap would do the job. Here's some pics.