Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Filthy gets framed.

When I went to check the bike out, there was some cracking around the neck area. I grabbed a screwdriver to see how deep the bondo was, and the whole piece of mud popped out. The frame underneath was factory clean. At the time, I wire wheeled the rest of the bondo off, did a little masking, and rattle canned the bitch flat black.

Once I had the motor and trans out for a freshening, I figured I should squirt the frame. I missed the molded look, so I decided to weld in some plates and do her right.
Here's a pic fresh out of the bead blaster.

I cut out some plates to fill the neck area and Tig'd 'em in.

After skimming with some bondo, I gave her a coat of single stage urethane.