Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fender Bender.

My buddy Bill and I headed up to Carisle for the big swapmeet. He was looking for parts for his '50 Ford and me for stuff for my '51 Merc. Bill scored some new chrome bumpers cheap and some trim, I picked nada for the Merc. But, I scored some old issues of Street Chopper magazine and an old Ness fender. Once I got home I tried the fender, only to realize it was about a 1/2 inch to thin to stuff a 150 under. I didn't want to cut it up to widen it, but I loved the way it looked. I tossed it up on the beadblaster and proceeded to make one from steel.

I grabbed an old flat tailer fender and welded on some tapered sides. I followed it up with some 1/4 inch round stock along the edges. I  wanted to use some 3/8 solid tock to support the fender so I tapered two small pieces in my lathe to smooth the transition. Then I cut out the offending section already on the fender and welded the tapered pieces in.

Next I made up some mounts, and through on a coat of bondo, to see she looks like. Not bad for a little work, and she's steel.