Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Somebody Buy This...eBay Alert

Check this out, it's at $4 grand buy it now. Here's the description off of eBay:

Ok- heres about a once in a lifetime opportunity.  This is an Arlen Ness chassis.  1 of 3 made by Arlen Ness, Bob Munroe and Jim Davis.  yuou will have to Google their names if your not familiar and figure this out on your own.  If you have heard of these guys- then you know what you are looking at.  One was finished by Arlen and it's called "2 bad" because of its 2 sportster engines - these are the pics I included int he auction.  Another was built using a Honda motor and is here in CA - I have a personal picture of it.  This chassis is No 3 of 3 and in my opinion- the best looking of all.  It was never built/finished and sat in San Leandro for 30 years until I acquired it.  It has a Harley Guide SH-2 spotlight that runs on a motorized switch that pops out of a motorized hood to act as the headlight- cool!  It has the Jim Davis drag strip styling with a Defazio style center steering hub and steering rod.  It has the original Hurst caliper and hangers etc.  Bob "Mun" Munroe did all the aluminum body work and it all removes with dzuz fastners (drag strip).  It would cost you a fortune to try to re-create this and this was done by hand by the original legends themselves.
I'd love to pick this scoot up; but I've got too many projects going on right now. Plus it would be a small fortune to do this bike right. That said, I'm still thinking about it.