Monday, January 23, 2012

Digger Monday...Heavy Dose

If you haven't noticed, Ed Kerr is one of my favorite builders. He's kinda local, out of Carisle, Pa. Ed never had a shop, just a guy building bikes out of his garage with the help of some professional talent. This bike was built by Ed, with help from Arlen Ness and Cycle Fab (Dave Perewitz). The frame was done at Cycle Fab using a Ness hard head, struts, and fender. Front forks are (gasp) Honda with custom trees by Ken Rasp. Ed drew up the plans for the two piece gas tanks which also house the oil in the lower right hand tank. The plans were sent to Arlen who along with Bob Monroe fabbed them up. Ed built the engine using the usual go fast goodies from Andrews, S&S, and Branch. The rocker boxes were split and re-shaped, barrels and head hex cut and shaved and the cam cover trimmed. On the primary side you have a early MPD cover and a aluminum generator housing from Motorsport. After everything was polished, chromed or gold plated, it was back to Cycle Fab for engraving, paint and leaf work by Roy Mason. This bike had all the key ingredients to win multiple Best of Show and Best Engineered awards.