Saturday, January 14, 2012

Goldfinger and Dunkin Donuts

I'm at DD's yesterday, sitting in the parking lot drinking a coffee in my truck, when this guy starts tapping on my passenger window. So I get out of the truck and this guy starts asking me about who did the flames and pinstriping on my truck and all kinds of paint and bodywork questions. I'm basically blowing this guy off because he's driving an HHR and I'm not about to do anymore flame jobs on anything this year. He proceeds to tell me he used to have a body shop, but sold it and went back to working the families electroplating business. He is just looking for someone to lay the flames out and he will paint them. He's now starting to peek my interest. So I proceed to ask him some questions on gold plating, and this guy knows his shit. Anyway his shop is less than a mile from me. I take a ride over there and it's very impressive. Fully automated, recycling all hazardous chemicals for disposal etc. It's not a walk in shop, all his work is through contracts with the government and manufacturers. Back to the flame job, he's about six months away from paint on a '33 Ford and he's willing to trade paint layout for some plating. I think I made a new best friend! We'll see what turns out of this, but I almost blew this guy off.