Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Normally Don't Do This...

My Uncle Bob passed away this past Saturday. He just retired this past November. His fishing boat "Hammer Time" ( he lived for fishing shark, particularly hammer heads) survived Hurricane Sandy and was looking forward to the season ahead. My Uncle was the type of guy who loved life and family to the fullest, and had a million friends from all different backgrounds. Anyway, the Fort Lee  motorcycle unit pulls up to escort the funeral procession. It was 17 degrees out on the way to Church, ice on the roads, not riding weather at all. I've ridden with motor cops before, my great grandfather was one and rode an Indian, which is my grandfather ended up falling in love with Indians, but these guys could ride. We got through rush hour traffic quickly and safely. My Uncle would've loved it. It turns out, these guys were friends of a friend and showed up on their off time to do this for the family.  Class act. Miss ya Unc.