Monday, February 11, 2013

Digger Monday...Jon Kosmoski

Kosmoski is House of Kolor, you know it, the best paint manufacturer in the world. All right, that's a bold statement. Now the line is manufactured by Valspar. Anyway, the quality is still good, but with much better distribution.
Jon's an innovator. Back in the birth of candies and pearls, the shit sucked. It faded, clears couldn't tolerate high mils, etc. Well Jon and HOK changed that all. He got into chemistry to make the best custom paint, period. I took one of Jon's seminars HOK did at Bergen Tech back in the early '90's. Hands down one of the coolest guys Ive ever met.
Anyway, here's Jon's Winged Scarab, a digger built  and painted by himself. It's basically a drop neck frame mated to a SB&F hardtail with a SB&F girder. Jon fabbed up all the sheet metal out of 17 guage and handled all the paint, striping, and goldleaf. Power is supplied by a 1200 shovel fed by the notoriously ill fated S&S dual throat.