Sunday, September 16, 2012

Showrod Sunday...The X-Sonic

First off,  the X-Sonic was designed and fabricated by Krankers of San Berdoo member Ron Aguirre, NOT George Barris. I love old Georgie, but he claims to have built almost every kick ass show car ever created.
WTF makes the X-Sonic special you ask? Well pull up chair junior.  First off this bad boy started out as a '56 Vette, a big money car to chop the shit out of. It was the first car ever to run "hydros", well technically a portopower to raise and lower it. The hydraulics went through several incarnations, as well as its paint jobs and body stylings. First it was painted at The Kazy Painters by none other than Ed Roth, and later wore several Larry Watson paint jobs. It was also the first car to run a plexiglass bubble top. The list goes on and on, with a bunch of great stories behind  all the mods. Check out the story at . If your not familiar with Kustomrama, take a week off and peruse the site. Killer info and pics on every major kustom known to man, and all very well documented, not like the shit on this blog.