Monday, April 22, 2013

Do Ya Like 70's Bike Magazines?

Who the hell doesn't? Fuck over paying with eBay's prices. Check this out! I've been scanning my 70's collection over the past couple months. Tech, show coverage, builds, no bullshit, no evo's, just the killer stuff from all the major magazine titles. I got a couple grand tied up in my mag collection. I've scanned the best articles and features fullsize at 300 dpi and corrected them the way they should have looked, but couldn't due to 70's printing methods. I'm offering to put 4GB's of Jpeg files on DVD and ship them to you for a donation of $22 (this covers costs of DVD and time burning, packing, runnin' to the Post Office, etc). I'd offer it for less but I can't tell ya how many hundreds of hours this took me. It's over 150 articles (over 700 pages of chopper porn!) Harley, Indian, Triumph, BSA and jap choppers, diggers, etc. You can hit me up at at PayPal is the same.