Monday, March 11, 2013

Digger Monday...Willie G's "East Wind"

First off, this Willie is from Strong Island, NY, not Milwaukee. Willie's had alot of success on the show circuit with this scoot. It was built in late '78 for the '79-80 ISCA series in which it took top honors. Right after the awards, this scoot hit the streets running.
Even though it's an East coast bike, the chassis is made up of mainly West coast components. The frame, forks and tank are Ness units. The Morris mags and Performance Machine rear brakes are the work of Perry Sands. Straight back handlebars were fabbed by Billy Budde. The engine is a beautiful peice. the cylinders have undergone some weight reduction in the case of fin removal. The jugs were than given a healthy coat of that shiny stuff and painted to match the bike, but leaving the chrome exposed on the fins. Induction is provided by a DHLA and exhaust is a custom Kenny Davis unit. The engraving was done by one of the best in the biz, Dave Perewitz.