Monday, January 7, 2013

Digger Monday...5 Year Itch

Okay, you really need top tube stretch in my book to "qualify" as a digger, but it's a bad mofo, so it's get posted. This sled was built by Shaker out of Sportsters of San Jose. Shaker spent 5 years massaging this '73 into the monster that's displayed here. The stock frame was raked 3/4 off an inch and everything was smoothed and molded. The front end is off a Honda 550. The rear fender is a chopped FX unit with custom rails. Now who really cares about that bullshit, check out the mill. The 70 incher sports a 4 9/16 stroke, Manley valves, Venolia pistons, Sifton C cams, and Magnuson MC60 supercharger. This fuckers dripping in chrome and gold plating, with engraving by Rudy Pena. Now that's a powerplant that would be at home in any digger chassis!