Saturday, December 22, 2012

Showrod Sunday...Lil Daddy's "Streetnik Bandit"

Lil' Daddy, aka Dennis Roth, wanted to do a streetable version of his ol' man's Beatnik Bandit. Something he could actually cruise in, not overheat, and be able to insure. The car was built in 2011 and debuted at SEMA. Alot of people were down on this car, didn't like the lines, blah, blah, blah. The car works, the nose is a little long and the interior is boring, but it works. Remember he built this to drive.
What kills it for me is the paint. Check the paint before the scallops, it's f'n badass! The scallops kill it. It needs something else. More graphics, stripes, whatever, but it needs more.
No matter what, he's still paying tribute to his old man and that's cool. The Roth's could of cashed in big on Big Daddy's legacy, but they're not about that. Pure class!