Monday, November 26, 2012

Digger Monday...Whammer Jammer II

This bike was originally built by Bob "The Greek" in San Leandro for Larry Cumforman and named Whammer Jammer. Long story short, this bike never made it past the show circuit, due to mechanical issues. The boys at Custom Cycle magazine were interested in it, and Ron Simms (BACC) persuaded Larry to sell it to them. After sorting out all the issues, it hit the streets as Whammer Jammer II.
Fred Schirmer built the frame, forks, tank and fender. If you notice, the whole drivetrain drops out, thanks to that trick sub-frame. Pretty f'n cool! Besides "The Greek" and Schirmer, BACC, California Cycle Works, Horst, Steve Ellington and Stu Lundberg all had their hands in the build of this innovative scoot.