Monday, February 27, 2012

Digger Monday...Al Reichenbach's Blown Sporty

Al began construction of this bike with a wrecked '69 CH he picked up for $500 back in '78. He started with a Cycle Fab frame and fabricated his own "digger"fender and cut down Sporty tank. Al did all the paint and molding at his shop, AJR Accessories. The engine on this scoot is almost all stock internally, with the exception of Magnuson blower and Dellorto carb. When the engine was stripped for rebuilding, the cases were polished and virtually all the pieces were sent to Perewitz for engraving or 24ct gold plating. Cycle Fab also handled the barrel and head hexing. This bike is the only Sporty I've seen using a MC80 supercharger. Check out the pulleys, it's actually being under driven.