Monday, June 6, 2011

Digger Monday...Noot's Ride

Noot has a really cool blog at Noot's into diggers and happens to own this kick ass bike here. I asked Noot for the skinny and this what he sent me.
4 5/8 S&S vintage striker flywheels with all correct case and cylinder mods, S&S striker pistons for 3" bore, no stroker plates needed. Jerry Branch ported the heads in the early '70's. He says you should see these heads apart, they are polished like chrome on the exhaust side - XLR Factory HD tulip-type valves. Andrews R5 cams. BACC fender, steel peanut tank chopped and sectioned, 16" Borrani, turned legs, custom oil bag and gas tank mounts. If you're looking to build a's your recipe kids! Check out Noot's blog while you're at it. Good times, paint, machining, engine building, bikes, chicks...the Noot's got ya covered.

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