Tuesday, May 3, 2011

*NEW* Ness Digger Frame Kit

Diggers are coming back hard. Proof is Arlen and Cory are now offering a frame kit for evo's up to 124" and uses a softail trans. Front legs are 7/8" tube and will accept up to 23" diameter wheels (ie. Kevin Ness's big wheel which ran two 21's). The oil tank sits below the trans, while the traditional location for the oil tank will house the battery and all electrical components. MSRP is $2,895 from what I've heard.
I am stoked at this offering, but from what I've read on Cyril Huze's blog, I may be in the minority. The reaction seems to be the Ness's are going backwards. Guys are saying 7/8" tube and rigid frames have no business being used in motorcycling today. I'm pretty sure most of these twinkie riding internet know it all's have never swung a leg over a rigid, let alone rode one.
I for one would love to see these made for evolution sporties, slap a rocket tank on her, and a narrow wishbone springer or a girder and call it done! Oh...I forgot sportsters are considered girls bikes to these same group of assholes. Long live diggers.

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